Conference objective

Exchange of knowledge and experience from past years concering buried flexible steel structures used in civil engineering.

Key topics

  • Large span buried corrugated steel bridges (Soil-Steel Composite Bridges). Practical examples of applications based on case studies. Construction and Design – the latest achievements.
  • Sustainability and Resilience of Soil-Steel Composite Bridges including environmental footprint.

Detailed topics

  • Practical construction and design solutions and techniques documented through case studies.
  • Research and development related to buried flexible steel structures – theory and practise.
  • Standardization of buried flexible steel structures.
  • Geotechnical aspects in design and construction.
  • Lifetime design and the latest durability findings and solutions.
  • Value engineering – applications.
  • New technological developments.
  • Long-term behaviour of buried flexible steel structures in service.
  • Resilience and environmental impact of buried flexible steel structures in the life cycle.

Answers to the following questions

  • What are the current limits in spans, sizes, corrugations and connections between plates?
  • What technical possibilities result from the latest tests and developments?
  • What are the new areas of applications?
  • Creation of Eurocode foundations for buried flexible steel structures. What does it take to make it?
  • What is the influence of fatigue on capacity and durability of buried flexible steel structures?
  • Sharing of the best construction practises and most spectacular projects from around the world. Can soil-steel composite bridges be beautiful?
  • What are the sustainable development features of buried flexible structures within their life cycle?
  • What is the resilience of buried flexible steel structures?