1st Conference 2007

Rydzyna 23-24.04.2007.

Over 200 participants from 19 countries.


  1. Baidar BAKHT
    Evolution of the design methods for soil-metal structures in Canada
  2. Timothy J. McGrath
    Calibration of Simplified Design Concepts for Long-Span Metal Culverts
  3. Esra Bayoğlu Flener, Håkan Sundquist
    Field testing of a long-span arch corrugated-steel culvert under dynamic and static loads
  4. Esra Bayoğlu Flener, Håkan Sundquist
    Full-scale testing of two corrugated steel box culverts with different crown stiffness
  5. Barbara BEDNAREK, Adam CZEREPAK
    Animal crossing made of corrugated steel plate structures built over A2 motorway in Poland
    Comparison of test and calculation results of corrugated steel plate box structure MP150
  7. Derek ESSERY, Kevin WILLIAMS
    Buried flexible steel structures with wire mesh reinforcement for cut plates
  8. Leszek JANUSZ
    Application of multi-criteria optimization methods in choosing material solutions for construction of flexible steel culverts
  9. Leszek JANUSZ, Oleg KAPLIŃSKI
    Predicting costs of assembly of buries flexible structures
  10. Leszek JANUSZ, Arkadiusz MADAJ, Krzysztof STURZBECHER
    Railway grade separation made of corrugated steel plate structure – long term research
  11. Seung-kwon JEUN, Jong-hwa RHEE
    An experimental verification of the improved bolting arrangement
  12. Pauli KUKKONEN
    Expected service life analysis of steel culverts in Finland
  13. Jong Ku LEE, Dong HO CHOI, Tae YANG YOON
    Seam strength of corrugated steel plate with high strength steel
  14. Czesław Machelski, Grzegorz Antoniszyn, Leszek Janusz
    Evaluation of simplifications of 2D models of soil-steel shell bridges
    Numerical modelling of moving load effect in a soil-steel bridge
  16. Czesław MACHELSKI, Jan Bernard MICHALSKI, Bernard MICHALSKI
    Case study of steel shell structure supported on piles
  17. Arkadiusz MADAJ, Barbara BEDNAREK
    Technological stresses in helically corrugated steel pipes and pipe-arches
  18. Hans-Åke MATTSSON, Håkan SUNDQUIST
    The real service life and repair methods of steel pipe culverts in Sweden
    Development of the Swedish handbook for buried flexible culverts
  20. Roman ŠAFÁŘ, Jaromír ZOUHAR
    Load test of helically corrugated pipe-arch under railway
  21. Waldemar St. SZAJNA
    Numerical model for the analysis of construction process of soil-steel culverts
  22. Piotr TOMALA, Krzysztof MARKOWICZ, Bogdan BRESCH
    Elements of the design process of the flexible steel arch over double track electrified railway
  23. Jan VASLESTAD, Bartlomiej KUNECKI, Tor Helge JOHANSEN
    Twenty one years of earth pressure measurements on buried flexible steel structure
  24. Kevin WHITE, Shad SARGAND, Teruhisa MASADA
    Laboratory and numerical investigations of large-diameter structural plate steel pipe culvert behavior
  25. Adam WYSOKOWSKI, Justyna GÓRNA, Michał MOŃKA, Piotr TOMALA
    Comperative full scale tests of behaviour of corrugated steel arch structure placed on corrugated flexible foundations and rigid concrete foundations
  26. Adam WYSOKOWSKI, Leszek JANUSZ
    General conclusions based on the testing of various types of corrugated flexible structures in laboratory in natural scale
    Decrease of negative impact of transport infrastructure investments on natural migration of the wild animals
  28. Andrzej ZACHWIEJA, Arkadiusz BUREK, Dariusz SOBALA
    As fast as possible. An example of a quick reconstruction of a bridge in difficult atmospheric conditions